Ecotistic Magazine "Vinyaaron" (Making Yoga Your Own) by Aaron Evans ONLINE NOW!!!

     Four years ago, if you stopped me on the streets and informed me that someday I’d be writing for a new age magazine about yoga, I would have laughed at you….hard…really hard. I’m talking about one of those bellowing blahaha’s brought on only by the disbelief that absolute absurdity can breed. In fact, I would have wagered my soul against the most meager reward if only due to how confident I would have been that this moment would never arise. See, in those days I was an alcoholic rock star more concerned with raging into the night than making sure that my mind, body, and soul was properly aligned. Simply put, I wasn’t the type; and any part of me that perhaps once was, had fled from the path I was walking at that point in life long ago. Being brutally honest, I was a lost soul screaming out for salvation. But I guess that’s the most beautiful thing about prayers, mediations, or set intentions, you never know what curveball the universe’s cure may be. Click here now to read the full article in Ecotistic Magazine. 
     Article by: Aaron Evans 
     Photography by: Alexis Embrey Photography

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