The Debut of Ecotistic Magazine feat. Vinyaaron (Making Yoga your own) by Aaron Evans ON STANDS NOW!!

     I couldn't be more excited to announce that the debut issue of Ecotistic Magazine is finally floating around the universe. Ecotistic aims to be a alternative outlet for alternative minds. Green Living, Yoga, Healthy life choices, Pets, Music, Art, San Diego Culture and more are in store for this groundbreaking new publication. This is the F.A.M. manifesting the new world we wish to see. We're the new kids on the block of this rapidly expanding industry and we plan to bring our own unique flavor to the mix.
    As for me, I'll be starting off a new series call "Vinyaaron (Making Yoga your own)". My hope's are that this article will show the world that Yoga isn't just for new age types, it's for everyone. I never thought I'd religiously practice Yoga, nor dive deep enough into it that I'd be writing an monthly article about it, BUT that's exactly why I think I'm the perfect man for the job. If I can transform my life and begin to focus on a more positive health lifestyle than anyone can.
     I can't tell you to much about the new publication because, well, it's so brand spanking new I haven't even got to see it yet. Still I can tell you that I know how much love, time and caring went into it inception and I just feel in my heart that the sky is the limit within this spectacular realm me and my fellow artist are jumping into.
     Be on the lookout for more info and events surrounding the Ecotistic F.A.M. It's special to be involved with something right from the beginning and this is sure to be a fun, adventurous and wild ride. Click here to visit the Ecotistic website and make sure to stop by and leave some feedback after you get a chance to check out my new article.

     Love and Light...


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