Aaron Evans first Columbus show in over 2 years. Benefit concert for Emanuel Martin (Big E) @ Kobo Feb 26th

     It's been a loooooooong time since I've rocked in Columbus. Too long in fact. But that streak is coming to a end. I'm thrilled to announce a special ONE NIGHT PERFORMANCE at Kobo in less than two weeks. It feels like I've grown into a completely different man since I relocated to So Cal and I can't wait to share my growth with my F.A.M., Friends and Fans back home. I was molded by the unparalleled talent within the Bustown music scene and I've been working my ass off to carry forth the legacy out here on the west coast.
     Joining me on the bill are some of my oldest friends from Columbus and a few new comers to mix it up. Apocalypse Inc has blossomed from doing some of there first shows with Dove Ink many moons ago, to a staple in the midwest musical culture. It's been really fun to watch these cats grow and I they tell me they have a special set planed just for this night. I can't wait to see it, it's gonna be dope. Teen Fiction is a group with a good buddy Colin Martin who is a monster on the sax. I literally think he sleeps with it under his pillow at night so he can dream up new rhythmic patterns. I've never seen him play with this group before but just about anything he touches is golden. Rounding out the the bill is Tea Master. Tea Master A.K.A. Shane McPherson is one of my closet friends from highschool. I'm fact, he's the first cat I ever recorded a track with 17 years ago. (Damn, it's been 17 years. That's real). Being that Shane is the worlds biggest hermit he hasn't been on stage for over ten years but I convinced him to come out and kick off the night. Shane has always been to creative for his own good and I just know he's going to pour his whole heart out on stage. The host for evening will be Illogic, if you don't know about all the things me and this cats have done in the past then you need to catch up because we're about to hit you with a whole lot more. He's not slated to perform but don't be shocked if he ends up rocking a few joints throughout the course of the night. In fact, be ready for just about anyone from the Bustown Hip Hop scene to jump on stage. I truly want this to be a good old fashion Dove Ink party and I'm still working some angles.
     Last but certainly not least, this show will be a BENEFIT CONCERT for my brother Emanuel Martin who has past to the other side since I left Columbus. I never got to say goodbye to E and this is my way of showing him that he's never left my or any of our hearts. 50% of the proceed's from the door will be given to his daughter college fund and I'm hoping to make this an annual event. I miss that dude everyday and I'm going to give the performance of a lifetime in his honer.  You can check out a link to a song me, Dj Inform and TAJ from L.E.S. did for him after he passed by clicking here.  
     Can't wait to see everyone in a few weeks. Its gonna be a blast. Here's all the details once again.

      Feb 26th - Door's @ 9pm - $5 - Kobo 2590 N. High St. COLUMBUS, OHIO!!!!  

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