"Jazz Is Freedom" crosses 5000 plays and is picking up steam. (Aaron Evans/DJ Deprave)

      Six months ago when we dropped this single I really had no idea how the world would react. I was digging the video supplied by the F.A.M. over at Live Free Productions but in todays Hip Hop market releasing a single with a laid back jazzy vibe and no hook seemed like a risky move. Not to mention it was the first time I used my real name in a public offering. But hey, like the song says "Keep faith in fate, even when fates late" and that's kinda how this one has evolved. It came out to pretty solid hits at the start but then cooled off for a bit. Now it's moving full stream ahead again and gaining strength with each step. I'm hoping that with all the new material on the way it only helps this song grow to it's full potential and you know what. I have faith it will. 5000 hits is nothing to smirk at and in the long run I know with all your support it will soar to higher and higher heights.

     Stay tuned in, I've been saying we're going to shift the earth in 2012 and the years just getting started. Sooooo much fun is on the way...

     Thanks again for all the love, please take the time to pass this on to 3 of your friends today that you feel it will help set free. After all, that's what music is truly meant to do.

     Shine on...A.E.

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