"I've Been Blessed" Video Update and behind the scenes photo's

     So a lot of people have been asking about how the video is coming, and when it will be released, so I thought I'd give a little update.  After all, it's all of you, that made this such a blessing. To top it off, the new DJ I've been working with Ganzo Bean (You'll be hearing more and more about this cat...) just posted this sick behind the scenes Iphoto pic on his Facebook page so it seemed the right time to let everyone know how the video was progressing.
     After several adventures to the editing lab I was more than confident we had something special on film, but until a few days ago had only scene the individual pieces. So I was greatly anticipating what would happen in the editing process. Editing can make or break a video that same way the mixing of a song can and I was dyeing to see the final result.
     As you can see about we had a separate camera set up for cameos in the back room and I was shocked to see we had over 45 people participate in this section of the shoot. This for me was the hardest part of the editing process as I had to narrow it down to the best 20 to 25 clips. THIS WAS SUPER, DUPER, MEGA, ULTRA, DIFFICULT. I had to cut quite a few people I know personally and that's always is a bummer. I won't dive into details about why anyone didn't make the final cut. I'll just say I tried to keep the cream of the crop quality wise and keep a good balance of diversity in the people I kept.
     The final result leaves me at a loss for words. I have a 99% done version in my hands and I'm going to pick up the final cut tonight with all the logo's and what not. I can't wait to share this with the world. The director Nathaniel Elegino is a genius. I've had a vision for this video in my head ever since I wrote the song 2 years ago and I've been moved to the brink of tears by how wonderful it came out. I don't know if I've ever seen a Hip Hop video ride this lane and I'm proud that this will be the legacy I'll leave behind. The song and video couldn't possible match each other any better. This is already a dream come true. Now come's the leap of faith.
     February 7th is the date folks. Mark your calendar!!!
     But since that's almost two full weeks off I thought it would be fun to do a teaser or two and include some of the footage that didn't make the final cut. Lucky for us Nate had a little extra time and was able to put the teaser together and I hope to have that up this weekend at the latest.
     With that, I'm out. Work to be done. I'm going to give this a bigger promo push than anything else I've ever been a part of and I'll need all of you to help me propel this light as far as we can. The world needs to find a way out of this darkness. I hope in some way this helps us do that.
     Be Blessed,

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