Aaron Evans to Host the first ever Hip Hop Roots SD this Friday Jan. 20th

Looks like we have another fun filled week of Art, Music, Articles and Shows.

I'm honored to host the first ever Hip Hop Roots SD. For those who may not be hip, Hip Hop Roots is the longest running Hip Hop night in Las Vegas run by my dude HighDro. I really think them expanding to SD is good look for everyone involved. HighDro brings in a lot of dope acts to the region and hopefully this will mean more and more top shelf artist floating over to our fine city. For this debut edition we have a mixed bag of local veterans and out of town microphone heathens. This evening will be jam packed with talent as Broken Dreams, Six9teen, Purplebrown, Infusion Project, Day-Go Produce, DJ L, DJ Deprave and many others bless the stage.

So come out, have some fun, have a drink, buy something or trade something at the swap meet. Who knows I might even rock a few joints if the sprit moves me... ;)



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