Tommy Lucero of NUG Life Radio Headlines Winstons in O.B. Photos by Aaron Evans

     So I'll admit, I don't often frequent Comedy nights and I'm pretty sure that It's my loss. Every time I do decided to venture out to of witness a group of all to self deprecating individuals I end up have a pretty damn good time. I think I can relate to this inner insecurity as the Hip Hop/Music culture is much the same. Overstated, under appreciated and ruthlessly cut throat. 
     Tonight I went out to check out Tommy Lucero from the NUG F.A.M. and was happy to see him hold it down in a mixed bag of seasoned veterans and somewhat beginner comics. I really enjoyed Tommy's set and found myself laughing so often I almost didn't manage get any steady shots. Almost. Luckily I calmed myself down long enough to snap these amazing photos of him doing his thing on stage. You can keep up with Tommy and the rest of the NUG Life radio crew over at over at www.nugliferadioshow.com or shoot him a message about booking on Facebook

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     Be Ez


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