Perpetual Motion "Ryno" by Aaron Evans now online @ NUGMagazine.com

"Six months into this adventure, I had an epiphany: I’ve been given a golden key. I, like so many of us in modern day society, am quite voyeuristic. Though I’m lucky enough as an artist to spend most of my life around other individuals with avant-garde ideologies about our world and its aesthetics, it’s not standard form to sit them down in the hot seat, causally remove my scalpel, and pick their brains without reservation or apprehension. We artists are known for our ability to build emotional and social barriers around ourselves for an endless list of reasons. It makes sense. I’ve moved my fair share of pieces across the chessboard, and when living in wonderland, one must be careful with whom he shares what secrets. But here I am conversing with another master glass contortionist, about to turn the key and dive headfirst into a worm-hole of creative expression, yet again." -by Aaron Evans

Post Script: I think Perpetual Motion is speaking for itself quiet nicely at this point but I got some extra picture's laying around on my hard drive so let's dive into some bonus images... :)

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