Perpetual Motion "Chad G" by Aaron Evans in NUG Magazine on stands NOW!!!

     The holiday season is upon us once again, so I guess that means it's time to grab a yule time log, kick back with love ones, and GET LIFTED! But this year santa left a special log under my tree courtesy of my mid-west brethren, Mr. Chad G. I've been puffing on his stellar creations non-stop ever since they showed up and now you can check it out in this months NUG Magazine.
     I'm just about settled in to my new home in Ocean Beach and it's due time I catch all you "kind" people up on the newest developments in my life. Be on the lookout for a avalanche of updates over the next few weeks. It may seem like I've been busy this year, but in reality, you haven't seen shit yet. Mark my words, 2012 is going to be my biggest year yet. F.A.M.'s will be dropping in May, new adventures are on the horizon and in all honestly I feel as if 10 years into my artistic career I'm just now hitting my stride.
     As 2011 comes to a close I want to give thanks to all the amazing participants in Perpetual Motion this past year. MAXIMUS, J.A.G., CREEP, JOP, RYNO and CHAD G. When I started this article I never dreamed it would get this big, this fast, and we're caping of the year with one last master artisan.                          
     So run to your local news stand and grab one of these goodies before there gone. As you can see, Santa like's NUG too and I'm sure any copy's left on stand much longer will be getting jacked and taken back for the elves to check out. (Why you think they where those little green hats, maaaan you have to be high to dress like that...LOL)

Check back soon, like I said... I'm just getting started.

Shine on...


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