My new series - What is Hip Hop? "Access Hip Hop" - is now online at NUG Magazine.com (+Bonus Coverage)

    (One of the many pieces of art that adorn that wall's at Access Hip Hop)

This month I'm kick off a new series online with NUG Magazine titled "What Is Hip Hop?" which will focus on covering the ever growing San Diego Hip Hop scene. This city is bubbling over with talent and I'm stoked to see this project moving forward. Its pretty weird covering something I'm so deeply involved with and that's why I ultimately chose to title the piece as a question rather than a statement. I hope to simply show what has drawn me in as both a fan and performer. Hip Hop is broad and vast but so is So Cal., and I find this a perfect place to examine the large scale picture, on a micro level.

    (Access Store Front)

For my first installment I chose to cover Access Hip Hop one of my favorite shops in the whole country. I've been to record stores from coast to coast and Access easily is in my all time top 5 spots to cop new vinyl and get updates from around the culture. It's really cool to see everything come full circle as Access was the first store to independently start caring my label Dove Ink's releases all the way back in 2003 when we dropped "Write to Death 1" (Featuring Myself on production and Illogic on vocals) Since those days Access has continuously supported me, my friends, and my label and I'm glad I can help give them some shine on the back end.

So without further adieu heres a sample of the article... make sure you click the link to visit NUG Magazine and read the full piece. I definitely learned some fascinating facts about how this magical store came to be. I've also sprinkled in a few bonus pictures for those of you who have never visited Access for yourself... this place has creativity creeping around every corner.

(excerpt taken from - "What is Hip Hop" Access Hip Hop - on NUGMAG.COM)

"If you asked a million “heads” to define hip hop, you would surely get a million answers. After all, hip hop is a vast tapestry drawing from an eclectic ocean of musical and cultural inspirations. From its conception at block parties in the blistering concrete burrows of the Big Apple, to its migration westward where it found its G-funk swing and trunk rattling thump; the only thing universally agreed upon within the culture is that the art form rests atop the pillars of its four elements: emceeing, DJing, break dancing, and graffiti. One could think of each element being its own dish within the grand spread at a banquet of self-expression, each very much so enjoyable and respectable in its own right; yet, ideally experienced when its many flavors can simultaneously compliment and contrast each other. To me, hip hop is a crossroads where jazz and funk meet drum breaks and 808’s; where Basquiat meets Banksy; where the grace of Swan Lake meets the braggadocios of the Jabberwockies."



    (This fun little dudes where so new even the owner hadn't noticed yet, but I sure did. So Fresh)


                            (Painting of The Grouch & Eligh of the Living Legend by Stacks Malone)


        (Ever inch and corner is covered with new tunes and dope posters)


    (Can't find what your looking for? Then you need to check here... WORD!)


    (This little lady was hiding by the flyer rack a great place to get all your SD Hip Hop updates)


    (Representing the element of Graffiti old school style)

All photos by Aaron Evans - Copyright 2011 Dove Ink Records

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