An Introductory Photo Shoot with Mr. Nathan Say

     Last summer I was approached by a talented young man named Nathan Say about helping him record his first poetry album "On The Other Side Of Rain". Nathan is a regular at Train Of Thought open mic @ Queen Been's, my home base for all things positive and good here in SD. Needless to say, far before he approached me, he caught my attention. See, Nathan's the type of person the makes his disability's his strength's & approaches his shortcomings as a chance to prove we all can overcome almost any obstacle.
     I'm sure I'll be writing plenty more about this amazing poet between now and May when his album drops, so I'm not going to go into a dissertation about how powerful his words are. (or for that matter even divulge just want my overall role in the project is...I may still have a trick or two up my sleeve that even he doesn't know about.)
     I did however want to post up pictures from the photo session we had today as we begin to prepare for his promo push. I also put together a logo for him. Overall I think we got some great shots for a cloudy morning in O.B. and I think the logos fresh.
     Hope you all enjoy. Click here to stop by Nathan's Facebook page and say hello.

***I'll be offering photo shoot's for discounted prices for the holiday season. email - aaronevansimagination@yahoo.com for pricing.***

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