Weekly Leak #2 Kaus and Craze Feat. Aaron Evans - "Seeking An Escape" (Portishead Remix)


     About a year and a half ago Kaus and Craze asked me to jump on a mixtape they where working on call "Sessions". I had just joined the 2012 Dynasty and really didn't know much about these two or what to expect. I should have known they'd show up with a Portishead track to spit over. No pressure...it's just one of my all time favorite music groups and something I think every Emcee thinks about, but very few take a crack at. After all, if your going to get down with Beth, you better come correct.
     This mixtape actually dropped about a year ago but it never went up online and I've always really dug how this track it came out. Truth told, it's one of my favorite verses I've ever wrote. If this happens to waft across the groups ears I can only hope they fell we did it right. (Really if anyone I ever sampled or flipped a remix of, ever heard any of my material, I would want them to feel that way.) I'd say Kaus and Craze each respectful held it down in their own right. These two have not only become two of my closest friends on the west coast but also two of my favorite artist to watch grow and bloom. I'm going to bug them about putting the whole mixtape up and you should too. These cats have a bushel of talent and it's time they took it to Hip Hop's farmers market and cashed it in.


     I've decided to start putting tracks up on both Youtube and Bandcamp. The Youtube edition has a few pictures added and some simple editing for a dash of flavor and you can grab a free download on the Bandcamp page. Whatever floats your boat.
     I'm going to do my best to keep the leek's coming every week until the F.A.M. drops. Hopefully that doesn't prove to be to big a strain on me. Still I've been saying the flood gates need to open and I think that's whats begun to happen. To listen more music from Kaus and Craze click here to visit them on Reverb Nation 
     Thanks again for all you support. You keep sending the love and I'll keep giving it back 110%. Cross my heart.
     Be Ez & Shine on...A.E.

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