Today is Pit Bull Awareness Day in Balboa Park from 10am-3pm

     I'm extremely happy to announce that for one of my upcoming articles in NUG Magazine, I've been given the green light to write a piece on Pit Bulls. 5 years ago I had never been around a Pit, didn't want to be around Pits, and generally was scared to death of the bread. I never really had a reason for this mentality outside of buying into the negative propaganda feed to me by the media and being intimidated by their shear physical presence. Then in 2007 fate tossed me a curve ball and I started dating a girl that owned 3 Pits. Needless to say I went through a real life crash course in the caring for and treatment of this amazing animal and was reborn a genuine Pit Bull lover. Now that I am a part of the media, the tables have been turned. I'm going to dive deep into this subject with intentions of writing a dynamic and hard hitting piece addressing some of the little known facts and misconceptions surround this beloved K9 companion. I'm sickened by the slanderous image Pits have been giving in S.D. and The U.S.A. and this article will be my formal rebuttal.
     Today marks the beginning of my research as I set off to checkout "Bark at the Park" a day of Pit Bull appreciation and education taking place in beautiful Balboa Park (at the corner of El Prado and Balboa Ave....just West of the dog park) from 10am to 3pm. At the event you can plan to find Pit Bull rescue organizations for San Diego County and beyond,  professional photography for pets and their owners, a chance to interact with certified trainers and behavior experts and even enjoy a Pit Bull costume parade.
If your a Pit Bull, or for that matter Bull Bread lover, than there's no other place you should be today then Balboa park. Word on the net is that a large turnout is expected and I'm excited to meet others who share my admiration for this truly remarkable creature. I'll be taking my new Cannon T3i with me so expect some great photos soon here on the site.

Hope to see some of you out today...

Shine On....


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