"Sink or Swim" by Aaron Evans makes radio debut on NUG LIFE RADIO

     It's not often in life you laugh so hard you can feel the tears start to ball up in your eyes. When these precious moments do arise, capture them at any cost. At the end of the day, a life lived without laughter, is a life never lived at all. Anyway...Look at me trying to sound all introspective about comedy...lol  In all seriousness, it's not good to be serious all the time.
     I want to send a super big shout of to the F.A.M. at NUG LIFE RADIO for having me back on there program last night. Tommy "the Roach" Lucero, Matt Cook Live,  Erik "the Joint" Martin, Medicinal Michael and the "The Soundboarderator 9000" have really put together a great show and it's been cool to watch them grow so much, in such a short time. Pop a cork (or better yet pack a bowl) congratulations are in order. I also want to send some love to my dude J.A.G. one of NUG Magazines recently featured glass blowers in Perpetual Motion for making it down to the show. Me and J.A.G. took home the win for the away team in the "Bong Rip Challenge". Strangely I know my mother would be proud. Last but not least, thank you to Slang Media for providing such a nice space to host the show from, it make's more of a difference than people might expect.
     I really enjoyed getting to share my new single "Sink or Swim" with NUG LIFES listeners. It's been getting a lot of spins online and the in studio reaction was about as warm as anyone could ever hope for.  I also did a live rendition of "I've Been Blessed" that was very we'll received. I don't think I could have ask for a more enjoyable experience and I can't wait to join these crazy individuals for more on-air antics in the near future.
Click here now to check out the NUG LIFE RADIO website. I know they post up the back catalog of past shows. As soon as I have a link to last night I'll update everyone here on A.E.I.

Have a great weekend.



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