Perpetual Motion "JOP" by Aaron Evans online at NUGMAG.com NOW!!!

So of all the glass blowers I've covered so far JOP may be the artisan I can personally relate to most. An artist with demons forged in the flames of hell and talent handed down from the angels on high. This edition of Perpetual Motion is not to be missed. Torch working like life is all about balance, jump in and discover how one madman finds his in this world of designer drugs, religious control and endless nonsense.. Check out this taste then visit NUG to fill your plate... 

Shine on... 


"Some people can’t resist pushing buttons. Call them rebel rousers. Punk rockers. Outcasts. Call them devil’s advocates dancing with a double-edged sword. Call them the spoon stirring the pot of life, preventing a dull film of homogenous existence from forming over the surface. Call them what you will, but please call them heroes. These brave souls adamantly battle an ongoing war, attempting to save us from a world where we all walk on eggshells in constant worry of someone crying over a little spilled milk....."   CLICK HERE TO VISIT NUGMG.COM AND READ THE FULL ARTICLE.

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