Perpetual Motion "CREEP" by Aaron Evans Online at NUGMAG.com NOW!!!

     When I announced NUG had landed "CREEP" as our featured blower for Sep. I told you I wasn't going to spill the beans just yet. Now that It's floating around the world in print and online I can post up a few extra pictures of this stunning Blue Lion Pharaoh he made based off of my new logo. (The logo is at the bottom of the page for those who aren't hip yet.) This piece makes me feel like royalty with each puff. It simple shines with class, honor and rebellion spliced throughout. In fact the only thing wrong with it is that I haven't packed it up yet today...lol
     Click here now and cast yourself into Perpetual Motion as I highlight "CREEP" another amazingly dope artistic individual in the glass blowing world.
(Contact CREEP at creepglass@gmail.com to order a custom masterpiece today...)

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  1. This is really sick. the pictures must not do it justice I can only imagine how it looks in person...