First single from Family Always Matters leaks "Sink or Swim" by Aaron Evans


     As announced last week F.A.M. (Family Always Matters) my debut solo album has been pushed back till early 2012. But true to my word I've decided to leak a bonus single from the album to tie things over until the first official single and video drops toward the end of the year. "Sink or Swim" is a nautical metaphor reflecting on my relocation from Columbus, Ohio to San Diego, California. Rebuilding in a new city where I knew next to know-body unpon arrival has proved to be quite a test of faith, but I've never been one to give up. EVER. This song would be that declaration in audible form. "Sink or Swim" is also where the title came from for my series of article's under the same name you've seen published in NUG Magazine over the past few months.
     So here we go, the first domino has been tipped. Please make sure to repost the song to your favorite social network page and tell your friends about the upcoming album. I'm nothing without my F.A.M. and I'll need all your support to accomplish my goals and dreams. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU. I hope you enjoy...

Shine On....



  1. This beat is dope Aaron, and thanks so much for putting me and jake on the cover of F.A.M.

    Peace, Chris

  2. The cover is awesome. Really upbeat song.. LOVE IT!