The September Edition of Perpetual Motion in NUG Magazine ON STANDS NOW!!!

O.K. o.k...... Soooo I'm a little late posting this up, BUT I can promise that none shall be disappointed. This month our feature is "CREEP" a blower from the NW who's custom sculpture's stand in a class of there own. He created a Blue Lion Pharaoh for me to mark my upcoming solo release F.A.M. I'm not even going to talk about it outside of the article... it's that dope.
Also I'm super excited to relay the news that NUG Magazine can now be found in Denver and Arizona, so all you GREEN heads in those regions now have a fantastic NEW publication to keep you up to date with whats going down in the MMJ culture. Grab you copy today... they never last on the stands long... and welcome to the NUG FAM.
Gotta keep this update short. Busy, busy, busy in the lab... Stop back soon... Shine On... A.E.

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