Family Always Matters Release Date Pushed Back till 2012

They say patients is a virtue and I'd have to say their right. It's never easy to wait for something you dream of day in and day out. Watching each individual grain of sand pass within the hour glass as if coated in molasses can test the nerves of even those who seek a personal nirvana. Recently I have had to relearn this lesson once again. I regret to inform my many fans, friends, supporters and most importantly family that I will be pushing the release date of my debut solo album Family Always Matters back till early 2012. 
     Sometimes in life you just have to admit your trying to fit a square peg into around hole. More or less that's the short and tall of why I'm having to switch up my plans. (The final installment of Sink or Swim which at the moment is still unpublished will explain this further down the line but diving down that rabbit hole is not the point of this update.)  
     After arriving at this apex I was faced with one of two decisions. A.) Force the album out rushed and unprepared on a time frame that would have been far overtaxing on my personal life and physical wellbeing.  or B.) Circle the wagons, reassess my rations and remember theres a reason leaps of faith are called leaps of faith. 
     I have a lot of exciting things I want to do with this album and I truly feel that I will be able to accomplish far more of my objectives with this project and my career as a whole if I wait just a touch longer to tip this first domino. Don't worry, The ALBUM IS DONE. The design is done, The masting is in the pocket and I'm not having to go through a total overhaul but more an adjustment to my blueprint as far as its release. More or less it comes down to a proper promotion time frame. 
     What does this mean for YOU the listener? Well.... It means more cool shit for you all down the road. I'm relaunching Dove Ink in celebration of our 10 year anniversary with a new mission statement and much broader scope.  I (and possibly some new additions to the team) will be covering infinitely more music and offering far more support to ANYONE we feel is dope and deserving of some shine. I'm returning to my D.I.Y. roots with an aim of bringing you far more interesting and interactive artistic products and events. I'm starting to look at music as more a promotion tool for my overall ideas as an artist and plan to take my brand of unique Hip Hop into uncharted waters boldly and bravely. 
     Lets just say I don't feel like my career has even started yet or at least I'm moving into a new chapter and have never been more excited to share my ever growing interests and talents with the world. From A to Z if it's artistic in any way shape or form you can expect me to be looking for a way to get my hands involved. 
      I would like to thank you all for your support up to this point (I try pay it forward everyday...) and ask that you please hang in there with me while I implement plan 2.0. (consider it an upgrade, not a revision) The album is on its way soon, cross my heart. I just want to make sure that it lives up to the bar which Dove Ink has set over the last ten years. (and for that matter, set the bar even higher.)
     CHECK BACK SOON, I'm going to leak a few non-album tracks as a tie over and way to say sorry for the wait starting next monday. 
     Till then.....Shine On.......Aaron Evans 

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