Finishing up Mastering this week on F.A.M.

     So I keep saying I'm going to update the site more and It's time I stick to my guns. I have about 9 pots cooking on the stove and the artistic aroma is intoxicating. Last time I was at such an apex in my career I was young, dumb, and drunk. I often say that It's not the mistakes you make in life but what you do on the back end to make up for them. Three and a half years after quitting drinking I can say with confidence that I'm giving 100% to make up for wasted time and energy. I've been given a lot and I'm intent to give it all back ten fold.
     I'm using my voice in more ways than I ever imagined and after the success of I Get Lifted last year thing are looking bright moving into F.A.M. this fall. Honestly, I've never felt this much pressure before as an artist. Not to say I'm that under the microscope, but I do feel like there is some expectations about what this album should be. Really, it's just stories of my family in all it's crazy incarnations. You could almost call it a personal journal. It deals with a many topics that I left behind back east and calling it done is certainly pulling at some strings in my heart..but as so many people say now a days... It is what it is.... No turning back now, No apologies, No unchecked regrets.
So with that I'm back to making sure thing happen as they should, those pots arm't going to cook themselves. I'm beyond excited to share this album with you all.... As Davu and Illogic once said... "The Time Is Now"

Shine on...


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