Urban Underground Beat Battle Rd. 2 TONIGHT! (I'm judging)

If you've never been to a Hip Hop beat battle, you've been missing out. Dove Ink used to put on a lot of these in Columbus back in the day and I've always had a great time at these events. Maybe it's the emcee in me, maybe it's the producer... but something loves two hip hop heads throwing down with thunderous bass lines and neck snapping snares. Every battle is unique with a smorgasbord of styles and sounds clashing as each producer stakes his claim to be king for a night. Round one of the "Strictly Bussiness" battle here in S.D. was beyond on point, I don't think there was a whack cat in the whole field. If your free tonight come check out how S.D. does it. I'll be in attendance judging the event. Try to get there in time for Generik & Anek, their combination of beat boxing/singing/emceeing is truly entertaining. I'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone bring to the stage....times for the titans to clash again...  
Don't sleep..!!! Check out all the details below. 

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