Aaron Evans Modeling @ The Hemp Edible & Fashion Show Today....

I've been anticipating this event for weeks now and the moment has finally arrived. I've never been to an show quite like this and I think thats exactly why my seances are so intrigued. It's been my stance for years now that hemp can save the planet, & anything that promotes some of the 8 million uses for this sacred and GOD given plant is going to receive my full support. I'll be making a special guest appearance on the catwalk showing off some super fresh hemp clothing as I stroll across the stage with a little Hip Hop flavor, and I'll be making a special debut of a certain magazines new t-shit design. Check out below for a description from the events promoters....

"In honor of National Hemp History Week, come learn all about the many uses of hemp at our HEMP EDIABLE & WEARABLE FASHION SHOW. Guest speaker David Bronner, take a hemp shower, shop in our Hemp Vendors Village, eat good hemp food, see 3-D art and take home lots of free stuff!!!" 

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