New updates to the site....

     So I've worked my fingers past the bone these last 5 days to get the site up to where I would like it to be and It's getting closer and closer with each keystroke. I've added links on the store page to pick up all of my past releases in both physical and downloadable formats so if your not hip to my back catalog make sure you check it out. Its been a long road thats lead me to this point as an artist and theres been many great moments along the way, I've been blessed to work with a plethora of amazingly talented artist & you'll quickly see that the bottom brick was laid long ago. I also have roughly 100 tracks sitting in the vault at this point from myself, Illogic & E Roc from L.E.S. Crew, Mr. Ridley, 2012 Dynasty, Etc. that I hope will see the light of day over the next 18 months. All I can say is keep a close eye on the music and store section, theres a lot to beautiful music yet to share and tie you all over till F.A.M. gets here.
     The photography & video sections have also been updated with new images. A huge thankyou goes out to Star in The Sky, Hellophoto & Chad Parker for all their hard work and help. I'm currently working on 3 new videos and will try and keep the pics as fresh as I can. I've linked my Evo to the site and I can add new photos anytime which I think is just beyond cool.
       With luck next mondays post will find the site running 100% but till then check out all the new features, start spreading the word about aaronevansimagination.com and remember that Family Always Matters!!!

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